Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beast Mode

Summer is almost here and I don’t want to be that dude with his shirt on at the pool party. Living in LA, it’s that time of the year when almost everybody hits the gym harder and eat cleaner. Making last minute adjustments to fit those boardshorts before we strut our stuff at the beach. I exercise regularly all throughout the year but now it’s time to step it up to Beast Mode. Here are a few things that has jump started my game from exercising to Beastin’ …..

1. TRX Suspension – Eff the weights, I take the TRX with me to the gym. Meatheads love to stare all day like I’m homo. But seriously bench pressing 400 lbs and looking like someone stole your neck and traps isn’t cool anymore. Try doing 10 TRX atomic pushups instead, Sucka!

2. Medicine Ball – My favorite exercise is the Crossfit ball slam. Situps hurts my neck so I do these instead. Works as well and it feels good to just slam the living shit out of something.

3. Kettlebell – Enriqz got me into kettlebells. If you want to get on beast mode, this should be you’re # 1 weapon. The variations and combinations of exercises on a kettle are endless. Talking about bang for your buck, you get the whole shabang on a kettlebell.

It’s never too late to start beastin’ and get your sexy back by summer. Even the newly reinvented, plastic surgery having, robot looking, quick trimming, ASS poppin' Kim Kardashian is on Beast Mode (see below). LET'S GO!!!

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  1. once my sister moves, game over. personal trainer big al. im tryna be big kris. no homo.