Friday, May 14, 2010

Pursuit Of Happiness

I've been out of the sneaker game for awhile now. Around 5 PM Thursday, I got a call from the wifey telling me that her brother won one of only 200 bids to purchase the Nike Kobe Aston Martin Pack. As a former sneakerhead, I knew how exciting this moment would be for him so we hit the road and checked out the scene at Staples Center.

Each winner gets a photo with the AM Hyperdunk and the lifesize Aston Martin

Winners receive a thumb drive with their lottery number engraved

Random bystander flossin' $1200 Christian Louboutin Studded Louis Sneakers

Look at the smile on that boy's face. Priceless.

No reselling here.

Nike Kobe Aston Martin Leather Jacket

It's a wrap. Congrats, Bro!


  1. That jacket turned out a lot better than I expected.

  2. Where's the custom made Kobe Bryant / Aston Martin shirts?!!